2021: Accelerate your career growth with these flexible online MBA degrees


The most popular master’s degree is a Master of Business Administration. You might think about earning a distance learning MBA degree if you already have a job, are looking for one, or consider yourself an entrepreneur.

Unlike business degrees such as MBAs, which often require candidates to have at least three years of prior professional experience, master’s in management admittance standards are more flexible, allowing a younger pool of workers to upskill.

Why Is an MBA Important For Your Profession? One of the good reasons to pursue the best online MBA courses is to increase your marketability to companies. Companies prefer to hire MBA graduates because they are typically better educated and prepared for strategic thinking, problem-solving, and ambiguous management responsibilities.

An online MBA course does more than supply particular knowledge; it also gives experiential learning opportunities to assist students in preparing and training for the rigours and processes required to build successful enterprises.

A distance learning MBA degree not only broadens your professional options and compensation but also broadens your network, allowing you to interact with a broader spectrum of people.

MBA Programs at Imarticus

Imarticus’ best online MBA courses are meant to help participants achieve their career goals faster by establishing a ’Go to Market’ strategy for their future job.

The courses are delivered online and include a variety of workshops, activities, and self-paced learning tasks to assist learners in:

● Learning how to create a transition or growth plan

● Improving market research and industry knowledge

● Creating an enticing value proposition

● Networking with MBA students and graduates

Program Details

MBA in Fintech

This JAIN online MBA program covers every critical area of FinTech, including Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Big Data.

The interactive FinTech learning allows you to apply what you’ve learned to real-world business problems and circumstances. If you want to boost your professional chances as a FinTech specialist, here your learning journey begins.

JAIN Connect: You’ll be a part of an extensive network of former JAIN Online students who have a successful career due to their education.

MBA in Investment Banking & Equity Research

Through hands-on instruction from industry experts, this MBA program covers every key area of Investment Banking. Immersive technology-enabled learning allows you to apply what you’ve learned to real-world events and issues.

Hands-on training from industry professionals, business case studies, tech projects based on prominent New-Age tech tools, and meaningful encounters with Investment Banking industry leaders and entrepreneurs will enhance your professional Investment Banking expertise like never before.

Those eager to learn can expect to be in high demand as new-age Investment Banking Professionals.

MBA Banking & Finance Management Program / Imarticus PGP in New Age Banking Program

The Imarticus Post Graduate in New Age Banking program with NMIMS Global Access is a 24-month curriculum that combines two industry-recognized New-Age Banking and Finance Management degrees to enhance existing positions in the burgeoning Banking and Finance business.

This course deals with an in-depth look at Macroeconomics, Wealth Management, Financial Analysis, and Ratios before moving on to Banking.

This online MBA course will help you advance your career in the financial services business. You will have a 360-degree approach to New-Age Banking and Finance with five substantial modules in rising financial topics and four elaborate semesters in Business Management (NMIMS).

The Verdict

You can acquire your MBA with Imarticus while working and maintaining flexibility with a distance-learning MBA program. Without having to attend regular classes, you can study at your speed

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