‘360-degree view’: Mars Australia taps predictive tech to accelerate post-COVID consumer


Mars Australia is partnering with data and consultancy firm IRI for this, using the latter’s data and analytics to build its own Revenue Growth Management (RGM) platform which when completed will guide the confectionary giant in the various aspects of sales, marketing, new product development and more.

“The Australian grocery market is more competitive than ever today. [The] relationship between brand equity and perceived value in the path to purchase [is ever more] important, and online shopping [in Australia] is also fast evolving,”​ Mars Commercial Manager Patrick Hughes said.

“[All of these changes] are disrupting the industry environment, so we [needed] to find new opportunities and achieve growth.

“So we will be [transforming] the business [with IRI’s help, to set up a platform that will help] our team accelerate business decisions and identify white space opportunities [to] take us through the end of the pandemic and the post-COVID era as well.”

IRI APAC Chief Commercial Officer Alistair Leathwood explained to us that Mars will be utilizing IRI data on Australian supermarkets and grocery chains, shopper insights, as well as loyalty card information, and that it will also help the F&B giant to construct the enterprise software platform using this data, machine learning, AI and other predictive technology.

“Mars will receive input such as who are the consumers buying their products, why these products are the ones being bought, how much is being sold, and, importantly, how to sell even more,”​ said Leathwood.


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‘360-degree view’: Mars Australia taps predictive tech to accelerate post-COVID consumer