7 Top Bots APIs


Bots are software applications that can be automated to run tasks. Bots come in several types, such as Artificial Intelligence ( AI) driven chatbots, knowledge bots, monitoring bots, crawling bots, transactional bots, all which serve different purposes.

Chatbots can engage with customers via text or voice to offer movie recommendations, make dinner reservations, and provide customer or technical support.

Knowledge bots can offer up-to-date transit schedules, breaking news or emergency alerts.

Monitoring bots monitor web site processes and performance, or other systems performance.

Crawling bots (or “spiders”) seek out information from websites for search engine or data gathering reasons.

Transactional bots can offer payment transfers, find special offers and best prices, compute dynamic pricing and other transactional functions.

All bots offer the convenience and economics of getting tasks done without human interactions, so it’s no wonder developers are in search of Bots APIs to add bot functions to applications.

What is a Bots API?

A Bot API is an Application Programming Interface that developers can use to add Bot functions to applications or retrieve other data regarding Bots.

The best place to locate Bot APIs is in the Bots category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, we highlight the seven most popular Bots APIs according ProgrammableWeb website visits.

1. Wire API

Wire provides chat and chatbot communications tools to enable companies to have chat and communication bots via video, messaging, voice, and text. The Wire APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Wire with other applications, with methods that include retrieving bots, sending messages, and retrieving messages.

2. Kik Bot API

Kik is a cross- Platform mobile messaging application for mobile devices. The Kik Bot REST APITrack this API allows developers to build bots for the Kik messaging platform. The main API method is building bots and sending bot replies on the Kik platform.

3. WaifuAI API

Waifus are anime-themed personal assistants. The Waifu AI APITrack this API enables developers to add a Waifu chat bot to their applications. The API produces English language responses.

4. FreshChat API

Freshchat is a customer messaging service from Freshworks featuring cross device support, AI automation, and targeted outbound messaging. The Freshchat APITrack this API allows developers to manage chat queries from website visitors. Methods are available to manage users, conversations, groups, outbound messages, agents and reports.

5. Rasa API

Rasa is a service for creating artificial intelligence assistants for text and voice platforms. The Rasa APITrack this API is REST-based and supports methods for events that modify the internal state of dialogs. JSON is the preferred response format.

6. Telegram Bot API

Telegram is a cloud-based service that offers messaging services to share text, photos, and videos. The Telegram Bot APITrack this API allows developers to integrate custom bots with AI applications. For example bots can retrieve customized news, integrate with other services (such as music services, YouTube, IMDb, etc.) create custom alerts for weather, offer language translations and much more.

7. Friendly Robot API

FriendlyRobot is the “world’s first nickname API”. The FriendlyRobot Nickname APITrack this API provides existing chat bots with personalization capabilities. After each call, the API transforms names into nicknames. American nicknames, European nicknames, and diminutives are included.

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