Basil Street Partners with Arcus Servo Motion


Basil Street Partners with Arcus Servo Motion
Basil Street Partners with Arcus Servo Motion

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sept. 30, 2021 – In response to expanded client demand for automated food systems and aligned with its nationwide rollout slated for Fall 2021, today Basil Street announced a partnership with leading motion control company, Arcus Servo Motion. The global supplier of advanced motion control and technical solutions, including AI learning capabilities, will support the brand’s mass-market introduction and distribution of Basil Street’s innovative automated brick-oven style pizza kitchens (APKs) to locations across the country.
“As we look towards our APK expansion and nationwide rollout, it was vital that we partner with a motion control heavyweight that had exceptional products, a true appetite for the Basil Street brand, and the ability to move forward at a rapid pace to meet our customer demand and timeline,” Deglin Kenealy, CEO of Basil Street. “After four years of collaborating with Arcus, we are thrilled to formalize the partnership and are confident that together we will optimize our client experience, bringing our restaurant-quality pizza to the masses with a simple touch of a button.”
Arcus Servo Motion will work hand-in-hand with Basil Street’s COO, Jeff Klemp and the exceptional Basil Street team of engineers to enhance the brand’s groundbreaking oven technology with next-gen robotic practices to ensure quality and performance are at their peak levels within every APK. Arcus will lean on its vast experience in providing advanced cost-effective motion control solutions, coupled with its superior performance and quality, and dedicated customer support.  Arcus’ clientele represents an array of industries including robotics packaging equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, and more.
“Motor controllers are a central component of any complex motion control project, especially one that involves coordinating the movements between multiple motors, such as the ones in Basil Street’s APKs,” said Basil Street COO Jeff Klemp. “Early in the project we faced many technical unknowns, alongside tight deadlines. It was critical to choose a motion control platform that was both flexible and reliable. We feel confident in our selection of the Arcus Titan product line for its ability to work seamlessly with a variety of brushless DC and stepper motors.”
Further factoring into the decision to partner with Arcus includes the Titan product line’s ability to accept both standard quadrature encoder feedback, in addition to hall sensor feedback for full closed-loop control. This allows for multiple Titan controllers to be networked together and thus enables Basil Street to scale through a common communication interface and protocol. Additional key offerings that solidified Arcus’ integration into the Basil Street partner team includes the ability of the Arcus controllers to be commanded by a central PC running the APK, as well executing high-performance microcode directly on the controller processors themselves, offering a balance between autonomy and centralization.
“We view our relationship with Arcus as a long-term partnership,” adds Klemp. “In the future, we will investigate expanding our current technology with the adoption of the Arcus 2ndSight analytic technology to monitor the health of the APKs and predict failures before they occur to optimize our customer experience.”
 and motion control applications.

“Arcus is excited to partner with Basil Street in the nationwide rollout of their APKs, as well as witness Basil Street leading the new wave of truly intelligent automation for the general masses,” said Arcus Servo Motion CEO Chris Chang. “Quality, fast, delicious pizza with intelligence, what more can you ask for?”

Keeping quality and convenience as forefront values, Basil Street’s kiosks feature three 10-inch Italian style, thin-crust pizza offerings: four-cheese, pepperoni, and a “Pizza of the Month,” selling between $6.50 – $14.95.  All of Basil Street’s pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients and then flash-frozen to preserve the flavor and freshness before being cooked-to-order in about three minutes. The cooking process utilizes their patented three-element non-microwave speed oven. The combination of the revolutionary oven technology and pizza quality creates a finished product that rivals an elevated pizzeria. Basil Street has figured out how to deliver a brick-oven pizza experience in a fraction of the time.

About Arcus

Arcus Servo Motion is a U.S. manufacturer and global supplier of advanced motion control solutions. Since 2004, the Arcus team has provided advanced motion control solutions for companies in various industries such as robotics, packaging equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices and more.

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