Dinkle Interface Modules Provide Universal Connectivity


Dinkle International announces availability of its complete line of interface modules, used to simplify and improve reliability of automation connections and signal conversions, in a compact form factor. Users will realize many benefits in their designs by taking advantage of these universal interface modules.

Signal Interface Modules
When creating automation systems using major PLC brands like Allen-Bradley, Keyence, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, and more, designers are challenged to connect an ever-increasing number of equipment signals to the I/O modules. These signals may be discrete (on/off at anywhere from 5VDC up to 120VAC), analog (usually 4-20mA or 0-10VDC), or other specialized signaling levels.

Even standardized equipment designs may need to be automated using a variety of controller and I/O makes/models to comply with end user requirements. Instead of being constrained to standard factory wiring arms and bulkier terminal blocks, users can gain flexibility selecting from a range of universal interface modules and associated cables, which are available with popular industry-standard connectors like:

  • IDC (14-pin, 20-pin, 26-pin, 30-pin, 34-pin, 40-pin)
  • D-Sub (37-pin, 44-pin)
  • MDR (50-pin, 68-pin, 100-pin)
  • Terminal Blocks

A single wiring harness routes from the I/O module to the interface module. Some Dinkle interface modules are available with traditional screw-cage terminal blocks, but most versions use newer push-in design (PID) terminations—which are a superior choice due to their compact size, faster installation, improved long-term reliability, and vibration resistance—all of which contribute to connection stability. Other available features:

  • Available LED status indications for termination points.
  • Provisions for clear marking and color coding.
  • Terminal blocks and materials are UL1059 recognized and IEC60947 approved.
  • Reverse-polarity protection in some models.
  • Industrial-grade cables in shielded and unshielded versions.
  • Various extra-slim relay options for providing signal isolation.
  • Standard DIN rail mounting.

Dinkle also offers many other complementary products in this line, such as power distribution and serial communication modules, power supplies, and accessories.

The Efficient Interface Choice
Dinkle universal interface modules provide up to 30% space savings over traditional methods, reduce inventory needs, and provide up to 70% labor savings due to PID terminations. For designers of microcontroller- or PLC-based systems, these modules provide an economical, compact, flexible, universal, and reliable termination solution. For more information, please visit Dinkle online at https://www.dinkle.com/en/electronics_List/interface-module


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