Facevalue And Pagero Partner To Combine E-Invoicing And Accounts Receivable Finance


HILVERSUM, Netherlands, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We are happy to announce that Pagero has entered into a strategic partnership with Dutch FinTech company, Facevalue. With our cloud-based e-invoicing solutions and Facevalue’s expertise in working capital solutions, our collaboration is expected to accelerate growth for both companies in the fast-growing innovative market of global digitalisation and working capital optimisation.

Electronic invoicing made easy
Facevalue customers are now automatically electronic invoice-ready. Any invoice shared with Facevalue’s platform can be delivered as an e-invoice directly into the receiver’s accounting system via the Pagero Network, thereby improving processing time and reducing errors.

Similarly, Pagero customers’ invoice data can be transferred to Facevalue for analysis. Facevalue lists the present value of each receivable offered to buyers, leaving it entirely up to the supplier to decide which goods they would like to sell.

Facevalue’s accounts receivable finance solution is extremely flexible and attracts no fixed fees. Clients are free to determine which receivables they would like to sell and Facevalue assumes all the credit risk thereafter. Receivables are primarily bought based on the financial strength of the debtor and the track record of the supplier.

Another advantage is that Pagero is approved by the Dutch Peppol Authority as a provider of Peppol-ready e-invoicing. Peppol is a framework designed to ensure simple e-invoicing and the secure exchange of business documents between public and private entities worldwide.

Simple solutions for business growth
Neels Bornman, Chief Executive of Facevalue – “By combining electronic invoicing and accounts receivable finance for the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, Facevalue and Pagero offer a joint solution that combines business process automation and working capital optimisation to a market that promises tremendous growth opportunities.”

“We believe this partnership will open many opportunities for businesses to streamline and optimise their accounts receivable processes. Teaming up with Facevalue, more companies will have access to simplified e-invoicing and data analysis that helps them plan for the future and focus on growth,” says Pagero Partner Manager for BeNeLux, Heike Braakhuis.

About Facevalue
Facevalue is a Dutch FinTech startup platform that provides working capital solutions and specialises in global accounts receivable and payable finance to SMEs and mid-market corporations. The multi-investor platform utilises demand-based economies of scale and leverages collaboration with large user communities. Facevalue is a member of FCI and well supported by institutional bank and non-bank investors that finance the Accounts Receivables and Payables it purchases.

About Pagero
We believe business should be easy. That’s why we are building the world’s largest, open business network. With our cloud-based network, you can reach any business, anywhere in the world – no matter how many borders your operations may cross. We take care of the technical and regulatory requirements across your entire order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay and freight processes, to give you data accuracy and security, transparency and real-time visibility. All this through a single connection. Find out more at www.pagero.com.


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