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Smart manufacturing isn’t just a competitive advantage; it’s the engine of business resiliency now and going into the future. It’s not just one part of the line; it encompasses the whole plant – its people, processes and devices unified by the myriad advances in technology.

“Flexible and agile manufacturing enabled by digital transformation is essential to maintaining business continuity, especially against the backdrop of an unpredictable and rapidly changing environment,” Marcelo Tarkieltaub, Rockwell Automation’s Regional Director of Southeast Asia, wrote in Smart Manufacturing recently.

“Digitally transformed businesses are best positioned to be agile, enabling manufacturers to respond and adapt quickly to any challenges faced. Amongst our customer base, we have gathered evidence that those who started their digital transformation journey pre-pandemic (pre-March 2020) were better prepared to tackle these challenges.”

The upcoming, highly anticipated ROKLive Southeast Asia Virtual will feature first-hand accounts of industry leaders driving digital transformation, such as Microsoft and PTC Inc. Rockwell Automation and PTC collaborated on the industry’s first comprehensive digital transformation software, FactoryTalk InnovationSuite. It offers fully integrated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge-to-cloud analytics, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and augmented reality (AR). This allows manufacturers to make good, informed decisions by having better visibility on their operations from end to end.


Source: Rockwell Automation

The three-day online event, running from 7 to 9 September, also gives attendees exclusive access to the live conference, industry-focused value workshops, and product and technology sessions. It’s an opportunity to engage with the best-of-the-best and exchange concerns and experience in manufacturing in the time of COVID-19 and beyond. An IDC research paper published last year found smart manufacturing to be the top area of focus for manufacturers worldwide, with more than 30% placing it as a critical priority going into 2022.

Cytiva supplies the tools and services that support life-saving activities from biological research and vaccine innovation to clinical therapy for better patient outcomes. It developed its Figurate platform by adopting the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx® system and using its proprietary Unicorn software to automate bioprocess equipment.

“Our aim is to help companies go from seven years down to three or four by doing much of the engineering and automation work upfront,” said Kevin Seaver, executive general manager, automation and digital at Cytiva.


Source: Rockwell Automation

“Now more than ever as an industry, we must get smaller, faster and more cost-effective in the way we manufacture drugs, vaccines and therapeutics,” he said, adding, “By automating processes and analysing data, we can rethink every step of drug manufacturing and realise economies of scale with flexibility, efficiency and confidence.”

Digital transformation doesn’t mean having to scrap legacy equipment and start from scratch. Renovating, retrofitting and refitting existing equipment can bring the plant up to date and give it room to be future-proof. Dragsbaek, a Danish margarine producer founded in 1923, did just that with its 17-year-old packing machinery.

Dragsbaek worked with Rockwell Automation and Picca Automation to upgrade its equipment with leading-edge components such as a new integrated safety PLC with Logix controller and ISA 101 user interface (HMI) panels with intelligent operation. The retrofitting work took less than two months, and Dragsbaek estimated that the solution is ten times more effective than before and saves up to 2.1 tonnes of materials weekly.


Source: Rockwell Automation

“It’s great to know that we’re able to improve the machinery to gain new capabilities continually so we won’t fall behind competitors. I also feel relieved that we’ve massively reduced the risk of unnecessary downtime,” said production manager Karsten Rokkedahl. “Securing the future is the biggest gain. At the same time, the update and stability mean that the uptime has also been increased, and we have thus had higher efficiency. The speed of starting up the machine alone has already made us a huge saving.”

Rockwell recently launched its new brand, LifecycleIQ Services, to help companies in Asia-Pacific to innovate faster and improve efficiencies during their digital transformation. Inbavanan Rathinam, senior director, Solutions & Services, Asia-Pacific at Rockwell Automation, said: “One challenge faced by many industrial players in Asia-Pacific is how to adopt smart manufacturing technology quickly whilst seamlessly integrating legacy equipment and machinery. LifeCycleIQ Services help to address this unmet need holistically, enabling enterprises to be future-ready by incorporating agility and flexibility in both infrastructure and processes.”

Industrial players in ASEAN can join the network and community of manufacturing innovators, thinkers, and doers by registering for today’s ROKLive Southeast Asia 2021 virtual event. Discover more about the latest technology trends and vision fueling the industry’s agility, resiliency and sustainability from industry experts and Rockwell’s partners and specialists, 7 to 9 September.

Yes, there may be things you already know. Yes, there may be some you’ve never heard of. Yes, you know, whatever it is, the digital tech explosion is already impacting you directly and indirectly, now and in the future. Grab the bull by the horns and expand your capability at ROKLive.

Book in your slots and get ready to get inspired to innovate with fellow industry movers and shakers.

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