Mackay Marine is New Iridium GMDSS Global Service Provider Partner



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The Maritime Executive

[By: Mackay Communications]

Global marine electronics and satellite communications provider, Mackay Communications, Inc., dba Mackay  Marine, is proud to announce it has joined the select cadre of worldwide Iridium GMDSS Service Providers for Iridium’s new Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) service. Mackay is similarly a global  partner with Lars Thrane A/S, the first, and currently the only manufacturer of an IMO-certified Iridium GMDSS  terminal, the LT-3100S. 

Iridium’s implementation and accelerated activations of its GMDSS systems have been full speed ahead since  officially launching its global service in December 2020. This was preceded by 13,000+ service tests and LT 3100S onboard assurances, and the 2018 official recognition of Iridium’s GMDSS service by the International  Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). This ground-breaking safety-at-sea solution is  the first IMO-approved alternative system to Inmarsat-C since GMDSS became operational in 1999.  

Iridium’s GMDSS network architecture, coupled with Lars Thrane’s terminal features, provide safety and  connectivity enhancements for mariners, offering coverage, capability, and cost benefits.  

• Primary advantages of Iridium’s GMDSS Service are its unique truly global coverage; a Safety &  Distress priority button that initiates a voice call direct to an RCC*, triggering relayed alerts; automatic  storage of Maritime Safety Information (MSI), and pre-configured voice access to medical services.  

• The robust LT-3100S GMDSS terminal is a compact, integrated satcom terminal with a high  performance GNSS/GPS receiver, providing voice, data and tracking services; all connected to its  low-profile antenna by a single coax cable, up to 500m long. Certified installers, such as Mackay, will  ensure required integration and warranty protection.  

Collectively, these feature-sets are significant improvements to its predecessor system. 

The Lars Thrane LT-3100S capabilities continue to evolve. An external interface module is now available to  support additional features that will soon be available, including the IMO / ISPS regulatory requirements for  SSAS (09/21) and LRIT (12/21) . 

“Mackay is delighted to be selected as an Iridium GMDSS global service provider to promote this  innovative GMDSS system broadly to global resellers, integration partners and Mackay’s diverse customer base,  served from our 50+ global locations,” stated Matt Krupinski, Mackay’s Director of Satellite Services. “The  enhanced features of Iridium’s GMDSS package are a welcome compliment to Mackay’s current broad line of  electronics and marine service portfolio.” 

“The unique combination of Iridium GMDSS service and Lars Thrane’s terminal not only offer the security  of a long-awaited enhanced emergency system, but reliable communication alternatives to a wide range of  mariners; appealing beyond SOLAS-required vessels to include coastal, workboat, commercial fishing, charter  yachts and leisure craft,” commented Kai Madsen, Mackay Communications, Marine Satellite Sales Manager. 

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