Microsoft and Honor sign partnership to develop new AI, devices – ET CIO


Beijing, Honor and Microsoft have announced an expansion of an ongoing partnership between the two companies, under which they will collaborate on Microsoft cloud adoption, personal and mobile computing, as well as other technologies.

According to the strategic cooperation memorandum signed by the two companies, Honor will adopt AI speech and AI translation services based on Microsoft Azure. These services will be used to support Honor’s Smart Assistant YOYO, collaborative office, smart travel, life services, smart translation, and other applications.

“Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integrated development of software and hardware intelligence by continuously deepening and expanding our strategic cooperation with Honor, to bring richer experiences to end users, and to bring born-in-Asia innovations to the world by leveraging Microsoft Azure,” Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft GCR, Hou Yang said in a statement.

Microsoft will also help to improve the user experience of Honor’s mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart screens, watches, earphones, and other devices.

Microsoft will cooperate with Honor across mobile computing, PC, and productivity applications.

The companies will also jointly explore innovative mobile experiences.

Microsoft’s resources, technical skills and global reach will also provide strong support for Honor’s global expansion.

Microsoft was among the first businesses to partner with Honor after it became an independent company.

In December 2020, Honor announced plans for global cooperation with Microsoft, and the Honor PC adopted Windows 10 as its official operating system worldwide.


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