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I run W11 beta on Parallels 17 on my MacBook Pro. Nice and easy. 

You have to be a little careful with Windows 11 beta versions and with Parallels.

The Windows 11 beta, at least the insider preview versions, will run on systems that do not meet the Windows 11 release version requirements. Yes, Microsoft tells you this upfront, that you’ll have to do a full reinstall of Windows 10 when the release version of Windows 11 is released. . How Microsoft will actually go about terminating or crippling the betas running on unsupported systems after Win 11 is released remains a mystery.

For people running unsupported versions in VMs it’s no big deal, just delete the disk image, but for installations on real hardware it’s a full clean reinstall of Windows 10. Fortunately for me, on my old machine that does not meet the TPM requirement and had Windows 11 beta pushed through Windows Update, I was able to back out of the preview program on the machine and do a full reinstall of Windows 10 Pro without losing my digital activation key.   

Anecdotally, while I was running Windows 11 beta I saw absolutely nothing at all in Windows 11 that left me with an impression that Windows 11 was something I really needed to have on any of my Windows machines, including ones that have the required TPM support. I run Windows because there are some narrowly focused legacy apps and development tools that I use that are only available or functional with my use cases on Windows. 

As far as Parallels is concerned, at least when it comes to ARM versions of Windows, Microsoft’s licensing of Windows on ARM is still not clear, at least the last time I checked. It’s conceivable, but hopefully unlikely, that Microsoft could slam Parallels with a licensing related lawsuit for running Windows ARM versions on M1 Macs. VMWare has taken a wait & see defensive posture on this but Parallels has thrown caution to the wind and barreled ahead, hoping for the best. We’ll see.


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