Network modernisation helps drive business agility


Given the speed at which organisations have had to transition and upgrade their network capabilities due to the mobilisation of “work from home”, it comes as no surprise that many organisations have faced some challenges related to network security, scale and general performance in this regard. With the ongoing uncertainty that the pandemic brought to business operations, we have seen the shift of working from multiple locations by introducing a work-from-home capability.

With this shift, it has become paramount that organisations focus on their network capabilities and associated solutions to operate seamlessly. Organisations have needed to consider their cloud options too, with the best-fit option being a hybrid cloud, which enables networking support to deliver solid application performance no matter where the application resides, or user location, in a cost-effective and secure manner.

As our NTT 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report points out, we’ve seen 66.9% of organisations are finding it more difficult to spot IT security breaches or business risk brought about by employees when they are working remotely. A total of 83.2% of organisations have had to completely re-design their security to accommodate new ways of working brought about by the pandemic. A modern network ensures infrastructure is agile enough to support the speed of business; while change may occur within the organisation, an updated network can save IT departments hours and even days spotting network problems and security threats as they arise.

Your network should not be the forgotten link in your security strategy

Modernising your business network advances agility, transformation and automation. COVID-19 has accelerated the need to modernise networking services that are secure by design, efficiently supporting and managing the most demanding software-defined, high-performance hybrid environments for organisations. Our Network Modernisation solution offers great visibility through an automated, programmable mechanism that is faster and more efficient than ever before.

It’s a fact that successful digital transformation requires a unique vision and strategy for each business’s need, providing a defined journey for every client. Acknowledged by the Gartner Magic Quadrant report, NTT is a leader for “Completeness of Vision” and “Ability to Execute”, showcasing that when it comes to enabling network modernisation, we offer a comprehensive networking solution that efficiently supports and manages the most demanding software-defined, high-performance hybrid businesses. This acknowledgement is not something we take for granted, as it shows that we are leading in the provision of effective network modernisation strategies for our clients.

Digital experience is still a user experience

By 2025, to enhance agility and support for cloud applications, 65% of enterprises will have implemented software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs), compared with about 30% in 2020.

Collaborating with partners who provide intelligent and secure networking technologies has helped organisations become better equipped to support the rapid accommodation of new endpoints and new applications, including cloud services and IOT. Managing to do so while controlling their wide area network (WAN) expenditure, adapting networking sourcing approaches to align with the accelerated technology landscape we all find ourselves in.

Organisations embracing network modernisation are using it as an asset to improve communications, enhancing employee experience, be that working in an office, branch or remotely. It also boosts customer experience, drives the ability to move to the cloud and increases performance and availability of applications. A modern network also enables business to innovate their business models, leveraging new technologies such as IOT, while optimising existing operating models around smart buildings or smart manufacturing, for example.

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the value of enterprise networks given the fluid requirements of remote users. As part of the NTT group, we have extensive expertise in building and managing large, distributed networks, which means we can offer our clients a world-class product and service experience. For enterprise CIOs and CDOs pursuing a cloud-first strategy, our networking services offer seamless performance for end-users to cloud and SaaS applications, offering a secure, reliable and enhanced experience whether connecting from home, a branch office or a large campus.

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