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Power quality specialist offers advanced remote reporting and analytics platform

Power quality specialist, CP Automation, has partnered with Remote Power Quality (RPQ) to now offer an advanced power quality analysis service. The Remote Power Quality Reporting & Analytics Platform will equip UK businesses with the tools to automate the analysis of power quality, reducing energy costs, the risks of equipment damage, and equipment failure.

According to the SFG20 standard maintenance guideline, a company should survey its harmonic load every 18 months. The RPQ Reporting & Analytics Platform allows companies to meet this guideline, while saving up to 20 per cent on their annual maintenance budget.

Heavy users of electricity face emerging risks from high energy costs and problems caused by defective power quality. The surge in electrical loads has increased instability in the grid and on private distribution networks, that is likely to get worse when electric vehicles become more common.

“Unfortunately, power quality issues are rarely identified and treated correctly due to the costs and difficulty of acquiring and analysing electrical data”, explained John Mitchell, global sales and marketing director at CP Automation. “For example, if harmonic mitigation is not put in place, this can lead to the malfunctioning of a system, resulting in downtime and increased operating costs.”

The RPQ platform analyses data from fixed metering systems to identify existing or emerging problems, including upstream changes and failing systems. It provides information on how to solve these issues, capturing events and seasonal demands, while offering ongoing analysis and support.

“The RPQ service will support our customers by equipping them with indispensable data, offering reports and solutions from experienced engineers — all at a fraction of the cost compared to a site study”, continued Mitchell.

Conventional power quality studies provide end users with an invaluable insight to their distribution infrastructure on network stability, true spare capacity analysis, and energy savings. However, the downsides are a limited resource of skilled engineers, high costs, and short duration of testing that may fail to capture events and typical peak demand periods.

“The inception of the RPQ Reporting & Analytics Platform addresses these issues, providing permanent low-cost monitoring, event capture, identification of emerging risks and regression analysis focused on critical assets and upstream network changes”, said Steve Young, founder of the RPQ platform.

“Demonstrating a wealth of technical ability and client driven integrity, CP Automation is perfectly positioned as a partner for RPQ. The company clearly recognises the unique output of our platform for new and existing clients.”

CP Automation offers a range of products and services to tackle power quality problems, from site measurements to product installation. For more information about its power quality products and services visit

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