Robots Assemble Refrigerators and Water Purifiers at LG Electronics’ Smart Factory


Robots assemble refrigerators at LG Smart Park in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province.

LG Electronics has automated the production of refrigerators and water purifiers by converting its Changwon Factory, a key production base for household appliances business, into an intelligent autonomous factory.

LG Electronics held a ceremony to mark the first-stage completion of the production automation project at LG Smart Park in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, on Sept. 16. LG Smart Park is the new name of Changwon Factory. It was chosen through a naming contest among employees.

LG Electronics will invest a total of 800 billion won to convert Changwon Factory 1, which produces kitchen appliances, into an eco-friendly smart factory. Of the total cost, it invested 480 billion won to complete the first phase of the integrated production building.

LG Electronics integrated production lines, which were previously distributed in individual buildings, into one production building and started production on three lines including refrigerator and water purifier lines.

The new integrated production building significantly increased the automation rate of LG Electronics’ entire kitchen appliance production process. By introducing an integrated monitoring system based on production-related big data, the company has simultaneously improved production efficiency and quality competitiveness. The company implemented digital transformation of the household appliance production process by establishing a quality prediction system through deep learning.

The logistics system has also been improved to boost productivity. LG Electronics has expanded the automation of parts logistics by introducing a three-dimensional logistics-based automatic supply system that introduces a large number of new technologies such as intelligent unmanned warehouses and elevated conveyors. LG Uplus’ 5G network-based logistics robot automatically transports materials necessary for home appliance production through seamless and stable communication connections in the factory.

When Changwon Autonomous Intelligence Plant, which has the latest facilities of six lines in two buildings with a total floor area of 336,000 square meters, is finally completed in 2024, Changwon Factory’s production capacity will rise to three million units to two million units a year so will be able to greatly sharpen its global competitiveness. It also simplified the manufacturing process with production facilities optimized for modular design. This process significantly saved LG Electronics development time and cost.

When the new integrated production building is completed, the energy efficiency used to produce products will also be improved by 30 percent by applying advanced energy facilities and technologies such as building energy management solution “Beacon.” Starting with LG Smart Park, LG Electronics is planning to expand the establishment of intelligent autonomous plants in its production sites around the world.


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