Symbio Robotics Announces Key Executive Hires to Support Growing List of Manufacturing


Symbio Robotics, a pioneer in the future of industrial manufacturing through a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial robotics, today announced the addition of key executives to its leadership team. On the heels of the company’s official launch in February 2021, armed with $30M, Symbio is quickly focused on expanding its team to meet tremendous customer demand for its SymbioDCS framework. The expansion of its leadership roster and appointment of four new vice presidents demonstrates strong momentum, growth trajectory and Symbio’s deep commitment to serve as a leader in modernizing industrial manufacturing.

“Symbio presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply my experience to ignite a new wave of innovation in the industrial manufacturing space,” said Victor Lin, vice president of Engineering, Symbio. “The company is incredibly well-positioned to fundamentally change this decades-old industry by utilizing new software and AI technology developed for Internet, SDN, and robotics.”

Symbio’s growing leadership team

  • Victor Lin, a software engineering pioneer, joins Symbio as vice president of engineering after a decade at Google and an earlier career in networking and semiconductor startups. While at Google, Victor worked on a number of groundbreaking products, such as Google Assistant and Google Air, and Software Defined Network. Victor will be responsible for scaling the engineering organization and culture and leading the strategic technical vision.
  • David Wong joins the growing executive bench as vice president of finance. with 20 years of global experience in finance and operations. In his early career, he was a Big 4 Accounting Manager for technology, media and entertainment startups in Asia, the UK, and San Francisco. For the past 5 years, he has held a variety of Finance roles at high-growth startups including, and most recently Zipline, where he led the company from its Series C to Series E. David will play a pivotal role in Symbio’s growth and funding milestones.
  • Patrick Pylypuik has been tapped to be Symbio’s vice president of sales. As a technology and manufacturing sales industry veteran, Pylypuik’s team will support company growth by building key relationships with new and existing customers– including partners. Before joining Symbio, Patrick was vice president of sales and marketing at autonomous vehicle supplier NAVYA Group. He also held executive sales and COO positions at Kibo Partners, B2X Global Group, Blackmore Partners, Inc., and, amongst others.
  • Cassie Roblin, a key partner in Symbio’s initial growth phase, has been promoted to vice president of people. Moving forward, her role will focus on accelerating Symbio’s growth and impact through targeted recruiting and a people-first approach to HR. Cassie will build around the exceptional team at Symbio, and will make Symbio the epicenter for engineers working in industrial robotics, edge computing and AI. Before discovering her love of startups, Cassie recruited globally for technology, financial services and media companies, including the NBA, Pandora’s early team (when it was called Savage Beast), NBC Universal, Charles Schwab, Polycom, and Microsoft among others.

“At Symbio, we are laser-focused on breathing new life into existing industrial robots, making them faster, more capable, and more flexible,” said Max Reynolds, Symbio CEO and co-founder. “Each one of these new executives brings a breadth and depth of experience that will help energize our entire organization to sustain our momentum and keep pace with our continued growth in the market.”

In addition to these leadership hires, Symbio is expanding its team of engineers and program managers with aggressive hiring goals in those roles. More information on open positions can be found here.

About Symbio

Symbio’s focus is on providing generalized solutions that enable companies to adopt AI as a core competency, as opposed to the traditional automation approach, which is to provide a custom solution to a specific problem. This means that AI solutions will look very different because it’s not just about creating the automation, it’s about creating and providing the tools that empower teams to design their own solutions through the use of AI, and easily adapt to the task at hand.

SymbioDCS, the company’s robot agnostic platform runs on edge computing infrastructure through industrial networks to inform and instruct current factory systems to make final assembly tasks available that were never automated before. This allows, for the first time, the development of new sets of applications and programs that can inform and instruct current factory systems to perform more complex and dexterous tasks, in addition to improving automation that already exists like door, wheel and windshield assembly, fastening, welding and painting.

Symbio currently is working with top brands including Ford Motor Company, Nissan Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation in addition to other major companies and outside of the automotive sector..

About Symbio Robotics

Founded in 2014, Symbio Robotics is dedicated to strengthening and revamping the fundamentals in industrial manufacturing through the creation of Al and Robotics technologies. Located in Emeryville, Calif., the company’s core product, SymbioDCS enables automation teams to build and deploy high-quality applications in any factory, at any scale that can assemble anything.

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