The Global Automation Market is Expected to Reach US$136.5 Billion by 2026


by Aratrika Dutta

September 30, 2021

Automation In 2021, the automation industry is estimated to generate around US$214 billion worldwide. The automation market is predicted to reach US$136.5 billion by 2026 growing at 3.7% CAGR during 2021-2026. Automation is a technology, which involves the usage of automated equipment or machines in various industries to reduce or eliminate human efforts and increase the efficiency of work in a short period. In automation, the manufacturing and industrial sector is growing at a rapid rate and has led to the advancement of technology such as distributed production by factories and services, the implementation of autonomous plants, and the increasing use of remote operations to automate certain operations.

The global automation market is expected to grow rather considerably, particularly in 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and drones, each of which is predicted to nearly double in global revenues over this period. Automation is an important factor to most modern industries, and industrial software development is vital to fields in tech, engineering, and scientific research.

Most of the European countries are heading towards innovation and are facing challenges like lack of skilled labor, but the development of automation companies promotes production efficiency and empowers rapid economic growth. Most countries are seeking ways to enhance their manufacturing industry and most of the automation solution providers for the programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, supervisory control, and data acquisition are seeking to improve the customer experience, which will be based on the new research from information services group (ISG). For example, the implementation of the new policies and regulations such as the EU ePrivacy regulation.

By expediting processes and minimizing human error, the advent of automation and connected devices allows industries to innovate and grow in size fairly rapidly. Without automated processes, stores and warehouses would find it difficult to fill their shelves with i.e., food, medicine, and computers. Whereas the industrial age regarded automation as feats of mechanical engineering, the automation of today is driven by advancements in robotics and software engineering.

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