Toyota serves Furukawa’s transpo needs with on-demand mobility app


The myToyota Shuttle PH app
is available in the Apple App
Store and Google Play Store.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) elevates customer experience through its safe and dependable new mobility service, the On-Demand Shuttle (ODS), available since May 2020.

In line with the Toyota Way pillar called kaizen (continuous improvement), ODS has been renamed and is now called myToyota Shuttle PH. This refresh comes with a new and improved mobile booking app interface.

Powered by SWAT Mobility, the system guarantees companies and their employees a safe, comfortable, and reliable shuttle service to and from work. The app eliminates manual arrangement of shuttle destination points since it allows automation of route preparation which streamlines employees’ ride booking process.

The system can be tailor-fit based on the specific operational requirements of a company, be it for employees’ official business trips or daily travel to and from work with two routing types – dynamic and fixed. Dynamic routing is applicable for constantly changing work schedule arrangements, varying ridership count per trip, and close-to-door pick-up and drop-off points. Meanwhile, fixed routing is suitable for pre-defined work schedules, routes and shared drop-off points.

On September 20, TMP launched the myToyota Shuttle PH app to Furukawa Automotive Systems Lipa Philippines – a Japanese manufacturing firm based in Lipa, Batangas with almost 10,000 employees. This move establishes an automated booking process for Furukawa’s large-scale shuttle operations, involving around 200 outsourced buses and vans serving both day shift and night shift employees.

With this automated shuttle booking system, Furukawa proves how serious it is in taking care of its employees by prioritizing their health and safety, especially during this period of uncertainty.

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